Farm Implements

farm implementFarm implements are equipment and/or machineries used in farming. These instruments can be used for traction and power, soil cultivation, planting, fertilizing and pest control among others. Listed below are some of these agricultural machineries being used today for better and faster farm processes.

Traction and Power

For traction and power, tractors are used specifically to achieve a high pulling or pushing force at a slow acceleration for the purpose of carrying a trailer used in farming or construction. Generally, the term is used to describe any farm vehicle that supplies the control to mechanize agricultural tasks, most especially tillage, which is the preparation of soil by mechanical agitation of several types like digging, stirring and overturning. Nowadays, implements may and can be hauled or mounted on the tractor. The tractor may also provide power if the implements are automated.

Soil Cultivation

For soil cultivation, farm implements like cultivators, cultipackers, ploughs, rollers and harrows are used.

A cultivator is a tool used for tilling. These cultivators mix and mash the soil, before planting or after the crop has grown. On the other hand, a cultipacker is a tool that crushes dirt chunks, removes air pockets and presses down small stones to form a smooth bed for the seeds. Ploughs, perhaps the most known tool in farming, is the one responsible for the preliminary cultivation of the soil in grounding for sowing seeds and planting. The primary purpose of using a plough is to turn over the upper layer of the soil to release fresh nutrients that are held back from the surface. Ploughing also allows the soil to hold moisture better. Another farm tool used for soil cultivation is the roller, it is used to flatten land and break large portions of soil and land. Normally, rollers are being pulled by tractors. Another tool used in cultivating land is the harrow. A harrow breaks up and smoothes out the surface and is mostly used after the plough. Harrows are used to provide a finer finish for the soil that is being cultivated.


For planting, equipment like broadcast spreaders, planters and seed drills are utilized.

Broadcast spreaders, also known as broadcast seeders, are generally used for spreading seeds, fertilizers and sand. The operating concept of a broadcast spreader is simple: a hopper is placed on a horizontal rotating disk that throws the dropped materials from the hopper out and away from the broadcast seeder. Planters, on the other hand, are used with the help of the tractor. It is towed behind a tractor and sows crops through the field. Planters set down the seeds through a series of rows and are spread evenly. To cover seeds, a seed drill is put to use.

Fertilizing and Pest Control

Fertilization and pest control are equally important farm implements. The most equipment is the manure spreader and the sprayer.

A manure sprayer, also known as a muck spreader, is used to dispense manure throughout the field as a fertilizer. Sprayers, on the other side, are used to spray out liquids to apply pesticides and fertilizers to crops. Sprayers are available in various sizes.

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